StoneClean™️ & Strip Deep Cleaning Excellence

Deep Cleaning Projects

If your looking for an exceptional deep cleaning chemistry please consider StoneClean™️ & Strip from the Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp.!

Ideal for initial deep cleaning of stone, tile, grout, & concrete! WHY?

StoneClean & Strip contains a wide spectrum of surfactants that are geared for the widest range of contamination. How can it clean so well without harsh chemicals or without being acidic or high on the pH scale?

StoneClean & Strip uses a sophisticated formulation that is comprised of chemicals which create a four step cleaning process to “bite” the contamination and carry it off the surface

  • Two of the formulation chemicals, brought down to the surface of the stone/tile through the water solution by a “heavy” molecule ingredient, provides “bite” on oil based substances. (breaking surface tension with the heavy ingredient is key to letting the ingredients do their job) 
  • The blend of surfactants takes the oils plus a total spectrum of contamination & brings them into solution with the water. 
  • The surfactant-bound particles then tie in a packet or “micelle” with the ingredient added that then floats them away from the substrate. An additional chemical serves to keep the bound particles in solution so that they can be mopped away! 
  • The surfactants ,being nonionic ,carry no “ electrical charge”. Ordinary cleansers use surface active detergents to remove dirt.However since the electrical charge remains a good percentage of contamination resettles back to the surface of the floor.

The exacting way in which these ingredients are blended together allows them to do the work in this four – in –  one step cleaning action!!

Please give a quart or gallon to try for yourself. 

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