Covid-19 Updates and Immune Health Notes

Covid-19 Update and Immune Health Notes

I wanted to give a quick update about ordering StoneClean Concentrates from my site. There may be a delay in shipping due to the home office working from Home! The good news is that Fed-X is shipping 7 days a week!

I feel compel to direct your attention to two simple supplements to help boost your immune system during this pandemic. Must talk about having enough PPE but what about PPM – Personal Protective Microbiome! Your immune system is pretty much regulated thru your “gut”. Health microbes defend against pathogenic microbes/ bacteria.

Things that put a burden on our immune system are; stress, poor diet of refined foods, sugar, alcohol, and a lack of sleep! Also past rounds of antibiotics in the past 10 years of so. I have always known this to be true. I tried to keep making my own Kefir (much more probiotics than regular yogurt!), making and eating fermented veggies, kombucha etc. etc.

My wife has had type one diabetes now for over 63 years! A few years ago she had an infection in one of her feet and toes. A strong round of antibiotics was given her at the time. Ever since then, despite my efforts, she has suffered poor bowel health and frequent skin rashes!

Recently I ordered a bottle of a special Probiotic call PRO-EM 1 from a company called Teraganix. Please watch the video about this special product and also of the Prebiotic called EMX-Gold. With in 3 days she noticed benefits in bowel health and just today 5/15/20 told me her blood sugars are also much more stable! I ordered more today!!

If you know families with children, please have them take a look at this. The recent development related to the Covid-19 pandemic with children is a scary one for parents. Please pass this site on to friends and family.
I signed up as an affiliate of this company. I hope you will as well. Either way the price is the same for the products. I hope you will check out these products and do your research like I did.

Thank You


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