AquaLiv Started as Bottle Boxed Water

AquaLiv was a brand of bottled water

After inventing the technology that creates AquaLiv Water, I launched the company as a brand of bottled water in 2007. Sales were strong in health-food stores on the West Coast (AquaLiv is addictive!), but something didn’t sit right with me.

Water is heavy and takes up space. I thought of all the fuel being burned and black smoke belching from exhaust pipes. “What am I doing?” I thought. I buy all the latest air purifier models like a junky buys crack cocaine and now I’m contributing to air pollution myself.

Of course, many AquaLiv fans had asked if a ‘home system’ would be available. I always responded, “No.” After all, it took a room full of equipment to make the stuff!

It was 2008 when I was contacted by the assistant of an AquaLiv Addict, as we used to call our fans. “My boss wants a home system. She doesn’t have time to keep buying it at the store and is tired of lugging it home.” I explained that we didn’t have a home system. “I was instructed to not take no for an answer.” 

“Geez, some people,” I thought. 

I described the numerous steps required to create AquaLiv Water, the large size of the equipment, and the need to flush the system between bottling runs. “Well, is it even possible?” she asked.

“I think so. It’s just going to take a lot of time to figure out how to do it,” I replied.

“How much would it cost?”

At this point, I was a tad bit annoyed but then had a brilliant idea. Blurt out a price nobody would pay for a home drinking water system and escape the conversation!

“$10,000. It would cost $10,000.”

“Done,” she said. “Where do we send the money?”

“Oh, SHIP!” I thought to myself…only I didn’t say ship.

The rest, as they say, is history. The first AquaLiv Water System was sold and for $10,000. The problem was the AquaLiv Water System didn’t yet exist! I took the money…the clock was ticking.

It took nearly six months of day and night work before the first AquaLiv Water System was born. It was comprised of four modules and consumed a ton of under-sink space. It was also ugly and a huge hassle to install and service.

A handful of those first AquaLiv Systems sold. Improvements in design and tooling soon brought the price down to $6,000. Further improvements and efficiencies reduced the price to $3,500. That’s when I found out how much people really wanted these home systems; we sold hundreds of them at $3,500. It was now 2010 and I had enough confidence in the AquaLiv Water System to discontinue production of bottled AquaLiv Water.

Fast forward to today. The AquaLiv Water System is now under $600. It has only two modules and takes up less space than many other water systems. It’s easy to install and requires no maintenance outside of filter changes. And best of all, the water it produces is better than any design that came before it!

No more trips to the store to lug inferior and expensive bottled waters. No more needless plastic waste. No more needless air pollution caused by the transport of bottled water.

With an annual filter cost of just $99, people, pets, and houseplants can enjoy AquaLiv Water in the convenience of their own homes for about $0.27 per day. Plus, AquaLiv makes delicious coffee, teas, pasta, ice cubes, and more.

AquaLiv Water is the best tasting and most healthful water available. When was the last time you had the best of anything for $0.27 per day?

No matter what water you are drinking today, we are so confident you will prefer AquaLiv Water that we offer a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. After all, if you don’t experience AquaLiv, you’ll never know how good water can be.



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