StoneClean™ & Strip Safe & Effective Deep Cleaning Action

Excellent Deep Cleaning Grout and Tile

StoneClean™ & Strip Safe & Effective Deep Cleaning Action

Excellent Deep Cleaning Action that is Safe Even for Polished Marble!


Give StoneClean™ & Strip a Try:


What makes tile and stone floors (and grout) so hard to clean? 


There are Several Reasons:


  • Using daily cleansers that can’t float the dirt/grime out of the more porous grout & tile and stone surfaces
  • using cleansers that contain detergents that resettle in lower grout joints and deposit some of the dirt with each cleaning the resulting “soap scum” created by cleansers containing Potassium or Sodium Salts. These environmentally unsound cleansers can create more problems than they solve.
  • Periodic waxing and build-up of wax residues in the grouting-typical waxes tend to trap and weld in dirt so the build-up only makes the problem worse
  • the past use of “grout sealers” that contain silicone – silicone based sealers can actually trap and weld in dirt/grease into silicone that are “free”(not bound to the grouting) Also some contain additives that over time whiten or create a haze that is difficult to remove
  • not using the proper equipment to clean with that can agitate into the joints
  • the past use of acidic grout cleaners that make the grouting more porous and easier to re-soil (acids don’t clean they etch).
  • What is needed then is proper / right cleaning chemistry to help both deep clean and to maintain the tile and stone & grouting.  StoneClean™ & Strip uses a sophisticated formulation that is comprised of chemicals which create a three step cleaning process to “bite” the contamination and carry it off the surface
  • StoneClean™ & Strip contains a wide spectrum of surfactants that are geared for the widest range of contamination. How can it clean so well without harsh chemicals or without being acidic or high on the pH scale?
  • Ideal for initial deep cleaning of stone, tile, grout, & concrete! WHY?
  • Two of the formulation chemicals, brought down to the surface of the stone/tile through the water solution by a “heavy” molecule ingredient, provides “bite” on oil based substances. (breaking surface tension with the heavy ingredient is key to letting the ingredients do their job)
  • The blend of surfactants takes the oils plus a total spectrum of contamination & brings them into solution with the water.
  • The surfactant-bound particles then tie in a packet or “micelle” with the ingredient added that then floats them away from the substrate. An additional chemical serves to keep the bound particles in solution so that they can be mopped away!
  • The StoneClean™ & Strip Difference:
  • No Residues StoneClean™ & Strip (pH of approx. 10) often removes coatings that high pH strippers can’t. Some strippers have a pH of 11 (1,000 times more alkaline) or higher.   Liquids have a property called surface tension. A thin razor blade floats in water because of high surface tension. Add a few drops of soap to the water and the razor blades instantly sinks to the bottom. Surfactants are classified by their ionic (electrical charge) properties in water: anionic (negative charge), nonionic (no charge), cationic (positive charge) and amphoteric (either positive or negative charge). Most soaps are anionic. After Care with StoneClean™ “60” will prevent the floor from being heavily soiled again.
  • Please give StoneClean™ & Strip a try!
  • StoneClean Concentrates are nonionic!. Proper / right cleaning chemistry will help to both deep clean and to maintain the tile and stone & grouting.
  • High surface tension inhibits the cleaning process. Reducing the surface tension increases the cleaning effectiveness. Surfactants (surface active agents) reduce surface tension. They make water “wetter.” Surfactants perform other tasks. They loosen and emulsify (dissolve into water) and suspend dirt and oils in solution to be rinsed away.
  • The higher the alkalinity, the more care is needed to prevent damage to the surfaces! (Use of pH 11 or higher on polished marble is not recommended!)
  • StoneClean Concentrates are crafted in an exacting way to avoid the common “pitfalls” of basic cleaning chemistry. They are able to accomplish a wide variety of cleaning tasks SAFELY without using caustic chemistry and without leaving cleaning RESIDUES.
  • The exacting way in which these ingredients are blended together allows them to do the work in this three in one step cleaning action!!
  • Give this product a try!
  • Ordering is also  available by phone, as well as online thru this web site.  Call 503-362-5651 or email me at 

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R”educe, R”esist, R”enew : New Class of Hard Surface Finishes

clean looking floor

The New Class of Renewable Finishes R”educe, R”esist, R”enew The Three New R’s of Hard Surface Care!

  Hotels, Shopping Malls, Business buildings, Schools and Universities, and other properties that wish to maintain a high level of cleanliness and a pristine appearance often use some kind of topical floor finish. Maintaining a high shine and spotless floors, however, requires a well-thought-out program and carefully selected products. Here are some considerations and cautions:

Environmental Issues of Concern: Maintaining a floor finish can and often does include periodic stripping of the finish and applying a new layer of product.  The job of removing the old finish and applying a new one is labor intensive and often involves the use of caustic chemicals. The labor and chemicals can be costly. Emulsifying agents are needed to keep the dissolved wax or resin suspended in the stripping solution before it is rinsed away.  Many phosphate containing agents are often used to deal with the hard water and enable clean rinsing. This is especially true if the stripping agent contains soap. The waste water then becomes a burden on the water treatment centers. These treatment centers are already under-designed to take and deal with toxic chemicals.

Facilities trying their best to become environmentally sound should seriously consider the new types of floor finishes that require virtually no stripping of a soiled finish. Why? Almost all finishes on the market are carried by solvents to hold the resins – even when said to be water based finishes.  The dirty spent finish is thrown down the drain to find its way into our waterways or groundwater in some form or another.

Chelating agents are often used to combat water hardness and to facilitate cleaning. They include EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid  – as a sodium salt)  NTA (nitriltriacetic acid – a sodium salt as well) Look at the MSDS of the finishes, cleansers and strippers and know that these are going down the drain. Reducing the volume of ingredients used and the volume of waste water can greatly impact the environment in a good way. Salts and solvents that can make waterways very polluted.

Marble Shine Services is proud to represent a line of “Renewable Finishes” for Stone, Tile, Concrete, VCT, Wood, and a host of other hard surface flooring types.  The new finishes will make the floor more stain resistant than ever before. They will greatly increase the hardness and abrasion resistance for extended durability. The finishes will not trap dirt and oils into the coating and will maintain a clean look at all times when properly cleaned. The floors are now in a position to be renewed in high traffic areas without the need for complete stripping and applying of a new finish.

Janitorial supply companies will Not be quick to endorse such a system of floor care. It eliminates constant spray buffing, deep cleaning, stripping, and multiple coats of new finish. Janitorial supply houses fear such a product that reduces their profits! Since the new generation of these renewable floor finishes is so stain resistant to soiling, the use of daily cleansers is also greatly reduced.

A new motto of floor care can be: R”EDUCE – chemical usage in daily, deep cleaning , stripping, and floor finishes needed.  R”ENEW – using a Renewable Finish that doesn’t need frequent stripping and recoating to refresh/renew the shine and sparkling appearance in high traffic areas. R”ESIST abrasion and staining from all kinds of contaminates. “REDUCE, RENEW, AND RESIST” can be the new motto of floor care starting today and in the years ahead.

Please take the time to print out the brochures for the three new floor finishes- StoneHardener-3 Polish for Polished  Marble and Limestone SuperTop XL for VCT and almost all types of Hard Surface Flooring and the even harder finish and stain resistance.  TK6 Nano Coatis a new generation sealer with the durability of none like it on the market for multiple floor applications. Please see blog Amazing New Products for more information about these specialty renewable finishes. Do a test for yourself to see how these new amazing products can not only greatly enhance the appearance of your facility but also reduce the cost of caring for the floors. All this while still maintaining a high level of appearance. Reduce the burden on the environment by using less products and water. Renew the appearance of your floors when needed.  Enjoy the fact of knowing your capital investment in flooring is being protected by finishes that have greater resistance to staining and abrasion.

New Product Pricing Notes SuperTop™XL , StoneHardener™-3Polish , & TK6™NanoCoat are all three specialty finishes that can do amazing things for the floor care industry. As such, I will want to qualify their use before selling them. I will want to know where the product will be used, the desired results, and the after- care dedication to its use long term. It will be suggested to do a sample area first. Commercial accounts only- I will discount a quart or gallon to include a quart of either StoneClean™”60”, or “104” or StoneClean™ Plus to assure a superb cleaning before application.

I sell at the same exact pricing that RJSC does. SuperTop™XL $22.00 per Quart – $65.00 per Gallon TK6™Nano Coat $33.50 per Quart – $114.00 per Gallon StoneHardener™3Polish $25.00 per Quart – $74.00 per Gallon SRI™ Treatment  $46.00 per Quart $162 per Gallon To include shipping for a sample kit of one of these three plus the best cleanser I will sell them just slightly more than what RJSC sells for retail.

A one time only price discounting shipping SuperTop™XL  $25 per Qt. & $70.00 per gallon TK6™NanoCoat $37.50 per Quart & $120.00 per Gallon StoneHardener™3Polish $30.00 per Quart & $80.00 per Gallon SRI™ Treatment  $50.00 per Quart  & $170.00 per Gallon Once decided upon which of the three cleansers to combine best I will send a PayPal Request for the total. Shipping Extra for Alaska & Hawaii

Example if you ordered 1 quart of SuperTop XL & 1 Quart of StoneClean “104” the total price would be $65.00 that would include shipping

Please email me any questions you may have as I will consult with the company as to which application is best in your case. Thanks

Ordering is also  available by phone, as well as online thru this web site.  Call 503-362-5651 or email me at 

Please give me your name and phone number so I can either call or email you back to get your credit card numbers. I am the only one who will contact you and get your numbers over a land line and thru a private / secure internet connection to complete the transaction. I use PayPal on my online ordering and it also is secure!