Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips & Instructions- Showers

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Stone & Tile Cleaning Tips & Instructions

Importance of Rinsing and Drying Shower Walls


Marble & Granite Shower Walls will present the biggest challenge to cleaning successfully. Soap scum deposits and mildew can pose a challenge. Streaking also can be a concern.


Bottom to Top Wetting :of one wall at a time and then scrubbing well and rinsing well with clean water and a sponge or rags – see deep cleaning instructions. Spraying from top to bottom can result in streaking as the cleanser breaks down the “scum”.


Rinsing with StoneClean Plus Hard Surface Cleaner

This will be your daily care use product! Use highly diluted at 1 oz. cleaner to 2 qts. of water for normal cleaning and stronger if surface gets heavy use. You will sense when you need to add more solution to clean better. Usually after deep cleaning with StoneClean & Strip you can use the 1 oz. to 2 qts. water dilution ratio


For Polished Marble & Granite shower walls it is always a good idea to dry enough so that there will be little or no streaking. Microfiber cleaning cloths work best.


Since none of RJSC cleaning solutions contain detergents – soap scum will no longer be a problem. They breakdown environmentally faster than most products on the market and they will leave no film on the surface. Rinse water will leave no film / soap scum residues on the earth!

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