The Case for Using StoneClean™ “104”

Super Effective Neutral pH Degreaser and Heavy Duty Cleanser Safe for Polished Marble

StoneClean “104”

The Case for Using StoneClean™ “104”

Years ago the Tile Council of America president Bob D. called me one day. I had given him a sample Qt. Bottle of “104” to use. He told me that their new office tile floor was hard to get clean of installation residues.

The first words that came out of his mouth were words I would not repeat. Oh I thought what happened” He told me ” The night cleaning crew used the sample you gave me and it cleaned the floor so it finally looks brand new” wow I thought now my sales will really take off! No he wanted us to pay for mentioning anything or to pay for advertising of which I had no budget for at the time.


This report is to add to the support of using StoneClean™ “104” in various areas of cleaning. It will show that quality pays and quality works! It will divide the cleaning into two basic categories

1) Daily Cleaning/ Surface Preparation

2) Degreasing cleans.

Both will strengthen the case for “104”!

For other information concerning the StoneCleanÔ Conc. line of cleansers please refer to the reports StoneClean Overview & Cleaning Chemistry plus the product brochure as well


Daily Cleaning/ Surface Preparation


SALT FREE: Salts are typically used to add extra activity to cleaners (as an extra “grabber”). Many neutral cleaners are not neutral in the bottle – but become neutral when the salts react out. This is when the products “die” or are no longer active in cleaning ability. StoneClean “104” has NO SALTS and NO SOAPS (report on cleaning chemistry). Not only is StoneClean™  “104” neutral pH but more important is that “104” is a continuously active product! Its’ activity doesn’t stop when it is in dilution or on the floor! This trade secret formulation is why ones notice that it cleans effectively even at a 1 to 128 dilution or even weaker!


no salt
StoneClean “104” is a Salt Free Cleanser



Salt residues left in the floor can cause problems later. This is especially true when considering any surface treatment such as an impregnator or sealer or wax. No sealer is totally impermeable! Over time there will be some up down and down up hydroscopy (vapor movement). If salts are left in the substrate, continuing “wetting” and resulting “activation” can eventually create a) efflorescence and or b) “color shift”.

Extra salts can also hasten the process of re-soiling of the substrate.





Now the daily cleans go FASTER & more efficient with “104”. Also there is better surface adhesion and bonding when further treating the floor after a deep cleaning. Using “104” as the final RINSE before applying any impregnator or sealer/wax will produce better results! Also the substrate can be brought back to a neutral pH where it should be most of the time!   


Degreasing Cleans




Don’t let the neutral pH fool you into thinking that it has no punch! Don’t let the fact that it is FAST in ENVIRONMENTAL BREAKDOWN fool you into thinking that it can’t work like the caustic ones! Even at a 1 to 64 dilution it can effectively remove heavy grease and grime!




A lot of degreasers contain d-limonene (citrus) which will leave residues in the substrate that will stay in the floor as an oil grabbing terpene. (the clean look but sticky feel) This will help keep the floor cleaner LONGER!




Consider a few commonly used degreasing agents.


Organic Solvents: This class of grease-cutters are mostly of synthetic origin (organic refers to their petroleum origins). They pollute the environment!

Butyl cellosolve: A toxic synthetic solvent and grease cutter that can irritate mucous membranes and cause liver and kidney damage. Not earth friendly!


Aromatic hydrocarbons: These synthetic grease cutters are members of the benzene family of chemicals! They contaminate air and groundwater. (they cannot easily evaporate underground and are difficult to biodegrade)


High pH Degreasers: Caustic soda like products abound in the market place. pH as high as 14 have been used. These types of degreasers can quick damage a floor.


Now the best overall degreaser in the world! StoneClean™ “104” and did I mention that  “104” is extremely fast in environmental breakdown! Order a gallon today and see why I say it is the most powerful neutral pH cleanser in the world!

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