StoneClean”60″™ The Best Polished Marble Cleanser on the Market Today!

SC 60

StoneClean”60″™ The Best Polished Marble Cleanser on the Market Today!

“Simply The Best Maintenance Cleanser on the Market!”

Janitorial Companies:

Your task is to care successfully for the floors and surfaces that you have been hired to clean. Using the best chemistry to clean with will reward you with better customer satisfaction. You may be able to solve cleaning care issues that the previous contractor was not able to deal with successfully. Your reputation will grow, as will your business.


Tile Contactors & Dealers:

Both jobs are really not done at the point of sale or installation. Giving direction on the care of the floor is key to a complete job done. Imagine a car dealer saying “See you next time you’re in the market to buy a car” Maintenance is key to a long life use of the care the same as with a floor: dirt happens!


The Choice Matters:

There are a myriad of products on the market that claim they clean well! Janitorial supply houses have a warehouse full of products they represent. Slick ads and commercials sell many products that would be better left in the bottle than on the floor. Also many tout them as “Organic”, “Green” , “Environmentally Friendly” , and so forth. Please read my other posts on “Surface Protection, Surface Maintenance” and Environmental statements about the StoneClean™ line of Concentrates. The choice matters in that the end result of days, weeks, and months of using the right or wrong chemistry will ultimately show on the floor appearance.

Ask yourself: Am I happy with the appearance of the floor I care for or for the floor I sold or installed (is the customer happy in other words in this case).


Give StoneClean “60” a try:

Often we don’t realize that something could be better till we actually try the product. People become brand loyal because they have found in their case the product works better than any they have tried before. Now consider a few points about why I believe you should give StoneClean “60” a try in your home or business.


The Case for Using StoneClean “60”


  1. No detergent Residues- this means that likely you will not have to rinse the floor to rid it of residues. Remember that detergents react with hard water to form soap scum. Could you tile, marble, or even your word floor not be as shiny and clean looking as it had in the past?
  2. Free rinse-ability. The chemistry make- up of the cleanser allows for it to be released into the mop with the dirt better than any on the market. This adds more value to point one!
  3. Non-ionic surfactant based means it will be effective in either hard or soft waters. Surfactant based means it makes the water wetter and can have greater contact with the floor and the dirt.
  4. Floating action of capturing the dirt. The dirt will actually be captured and helped to float to the surface where the mop can remove it totally. Case in point is the floor grouting. One client in Kansas City was cleaning a polished marble floor in a business. I told her that StoneClean & Strip would clean the grout safely. She told me that every time she uses StoneClean™ “60” that grout comes a little cleaner with each time!


In addition to the four basic listed benefits, StoneClean “60” contains an extremely small amount of an insoluble organic which sinks to the surface of the stone. This substantially alters the hydroscopic (water extracting) effect of cleaning on the surface & leaves a very, very slight, totally clear moisturizing layer. Thus cleaning is achieved without dehydration of the stone/tile!

It is this same chemistry, which also generally eliminates the need for rinse because the water evaporates from above the stone/tile instead of from inside the pores of the stone/tile.

This gentle yet effective cleaning action makes StoneClean “60” a must for floors with coatings/waxes. The dirt is lifted out of the finish so when buffed later the shine is not compromised by embedded dirt that has gotten “buffed” in to the floor.

StoneClean “60” used on a daily basis or weekly for home use will help maintain the clean look to the floor grout.  Since it is effective even in high dilution ratios, it is also very cost effective!

Please give StoneClean™ “60” a try. You will like the results!

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