Tile & Marble Grout Cleaning

When my wife and would drive and stay in Hotels I would alsways bring a spray bottle of StoneClean & Strip. Most of the bathroom floors were not very clean! A quick spray and allow time to soak, then a good scrubbing would bring up and a lot of dirt, grime, and fungi.

Once while staying in Omaha , NE , I cleaned a bathroom floor in the room we were staying at. The visual effect was amazing. I found the Excutive housekeeper and mentioned I would be happy to do a sample clean. She called a housekeeper and had me go to a bathroom they have been working on to clean the floor. She said, ” we have worked hard on this floor, can you do anything?” I told her it should not be a problem.

Within 15 minutes the floor and grouting were much, much cleaner than before! She ,and all the maids and maintenance  staff came to see. They also were shocked at how fast I cleaned the floor.

They ordered two cases of StoneClean & Strip!

Not every floor cleaning project will have the same desired results. Not all come as clean the first time. The assurance is that it likely will be much better than any previous efforts!

Give StoneClean & Strip a try.

Stan Zimmer