Best Marble Cleaner

StoneClean “60” is a superior cleanser for polished marble and limestone flooring. 

I have been using and selling this specialty cleanser for the past 20 years. In my business of cleaning stone and tile I have never found a better one for daily/ weekly cleanings.

No detergents to cloud the surface. No residues left behind to re-attract dirt and grime. Floors stay cleaner longer. Grouting gets progressively cleaner.

Once on a business trip to the Twin Cities I was asked to look at a floor lobby in a large downtown St. Paul building. They were concerned about visual swirls in the floor finish.  I told them, ” Let me clean the floor with StoneClean “60”.” They relied that they had already cleaned the floor. I mentioned that while I was there I would like to clean a small section of the lobby with a mop and bucket. They said ok go ahead. The water was black by the time I got done cleaning a small section!!

I told the night crew and the building manager that for years they have been buffing dirt and daily grime into the floor! They were shocked to see the water in the bucket. Did they buy several cases? No , it was too expensive they told me.

Sad but true story

Please give it a try today

Stan Zimmer