Surface Treatments to Enhance the Shine: Coatings

There are a lot of surface polishes for marble!! Since most janitorial firms and hotel staffs are not trained in the trade of natural marble care. Topical polishes are commonly used. A few guidelines will help to determine if your system of care is in need of repair or whether you can still be happy using what has gotten you by so far. We are not about fixing what isn’t broke in your care of marble.

Consider a few things your use of a topical shine should accomplish;

Should be durable to provide a sacrificial barrier to scratching the stone

  1. should NOT yellow or trap dirt into the finish making the finish look dirty and dull quickly
  2. should be “cleanable” to keep the high shine looking clear and natural as possible
  3. should be buffable to refresh the shine by either spray buffing or re-application
  4. should not quickly soften under wet conditions or lose its shine
  5. should not require stripping to renew the look with a new coat

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