Industry Break-through Maintenance Option for Polished Marble & Limestone

Maintenance of polished marble & limestone in a high traffic setting can be a challenge.  The relative softness of the stone in relation to sand (quartz) tracked in under foot or wheels crushing other items on the floor can quickly scratch and dull the stone surface. The make- up of calcium carbonate whether metamorphic in marble or layered in limestone makes it susceptible to staining and etching from coffee, alcohol, sodas, and oils.

Historically the use of stone is highly valued as it is still today. The use of more sophisticated machinery and computerized operated cutting tools makes designs and graphics even more a value then in days past. The cost of stone has also been lowered by the greater ease of quarrying and fabricating. The increase of use and demand has also increased the demand to find a better way of caring for the maintenance of the stone surfaces.

When I first got into the field of cleaning stone I was fixed on not using any type of coating or surface treatments – I was a purist in stone care! Many still feel the only way to care for polished marble and limestone is by diamond grinding and popping the final shine with a potassium oxalate cream or with an oxalic acid powder slurry. The shine this way, is more natural than the shine obtained by acid based recrystallization methods. I choose to focus my business on the “maintenance” of the shine and leave diamond grinding to ones with all the equipment and staff. I was from a small town in Iowa so travelling would be an issue to get to places that even had marble flooring!


Maintenance companies and businesses now had another option to protect the shine they obtained from diamond grinding. It helped to maintain a high shine in between diamond grinding contract restorations.

Introducing  the new  StoneHardener™ 3 Polish?

 First they no longer could obtain a key ingredient that made SH2P the fine product it was.

 Second was to find an even more durable longer lasting shine.

 Third was to find a way to make the application easier and that would require less skill of the applicator.

 Now restoration companies can offer their clients the option of applying StoneHardener™ 3 Polish to keep a higher long lasting shine.

 Now owners of shopping malls, Hotels, Restaurants, and Commercial Buildings can reduce their costs of upkeep of their natural stone flooring. Imagine just dust mopping and cleaning the floor nightly instead of repeated spray buffing of the flooring. Imagine no longer seeing wear patterns in the finish that eventually will require either diamond grinding or stripping and recoating of a was like product.

StoneHardener™ 3 Polish can be touched up seamlessly with no stripping required. Maintenance companies may not like the elimination of stripping and waxing of marble flooring but the owners should love the lowered maintenance costs. The stone surface will be harder, more abrasion-resistant and more durable. The stone is also protected from a wider range of contaminates such as oil, acetone, coffee and other beverage spills.

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