Check Out These Amazing New Products!

TK6 NanoCoat
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SuperTop XL All Finish Coating

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Check Out These Amazing New Products!

StoneHardener™ 3 Polish

Longest Lasting Shine and Best Possible Protection for Marble, Limestone & Other Natural Stones

  • Beautiful High-Gloss or Mirror Finish
  • Superior Hardness and Abrasion – Resistance for extended Durability
  • Maximum protection in the class of renewable finishes
  • No yellowing or stone discoloration
  • Easy touch-up of traffic patterns: No Stripping Required!
  • Not a “restoration” product , so testing is required on worn stones


With StoneHardener™ 3 Polish the surface is harder, more abrasion resistant and more durable. The stone is protected from a wide range of contaminates such as oil, acetone, coffee, and other beverages.

A Must for High Traffic Shopping Malls, Hotels, Office Buildings , Schools/ Universities

Reduce product Usage, Reduce Labor Costs, Reduce High Maintenance Contracts



SuperTop™ XL All-Surface Finish

For All Hard Surfaces plus StoneLok™- Sealed Floors and Countertops

Longest Lasting with Best Possible Protection

  • Beautiful high-gloss or Mirror Finish, XXTRA low gloss (flat) or anti-skid
  • Superior hardness and abrasion resistance for extended durability
  • Maximum protection in the class of renewable finishes
  • Indoor or Outdoor use with no Yellowing or Discoloration
  • Easy touch-up of traffic patterns; no stripping required


Ideal for all hard surfaces such as VCT, Wood, Brick, Terrazzo, and Concrete

Great for High traffic areas such as Hotels, Shopping Malls, Department stores, Schools/ Universities

TK6™ NanoCoat is a new single-component coating that can almost do it all!

Seals/protect a multitude of substrates – open and polished concrete, block, brick, pavers, stucco, stamped concrete, micro-toppings, self-leveling cements and many dimensional stones.  TK6 is UV stable for either interior or exterior applications.

Superior Stain Resistance Outstanding abrasion – resistance Even Efflorescence for easier cleaning

Please read the brochure below for more details


SRI™ Treatment – Stain Resisting Impregnator

Invisible protection against water and oil-borne contamination. Low V.O.C. , aqueous base very low odor

Breathable invisible, vapor – permeable barrier

Ideal for unsealed natural stone, terra-cotta, sandstone, cementitious surfaces, kitchen and bathroom tiling.  Ideal for protecting even highly polished granite countertops – one coat can be applied and lightly buffed after drying.

Superior protect without the problems silicone impregnators present : Darkening of surface and over time actually “take up” stains that are next to impossible to get rid of later.

Please read the brochure and give this amazing product a try!


The New 3 R’s of Floor Care

Reduce: Product Usage by reducing the need to recoat often , and or strip previous applications  Concentrated so able to reduce bottles

Resist: Greater resistance to abrasion, staining, discoloration  ; Maintains and protects your capital investment into your flooring

Renew: Periodic renewal of the shine/ finish without the need to strip means less labor, less chemical usage

Please email me for product brochures and pricing. Samples may be available based on possible volume usage.

Live in another country other than the United States, please email me concerning private labeling and purchasing arrangements.

New Product Pricing Notes

SuperTop™XL , StoneHardener™-3Polish , & TK6™NanoCoat are all three specialty finishes that can do amazing things for the floor care industry. As such, I will want to qualify their use before selling them.

SRI™ Treatment – Stain Resisting Impregnator is a superior invisible protection for many substrates.

I will want to know where the product will be used, the desired results, and the after- care dedication to its use long term.

It will be suggested to do a sample area first. Commercial accounts only- I will discount a quart or gallon to include a quart of either StoneClean™”60”, or “104” or StoneClean™ Plus to assure a superb cleaning.

SuperTop™XL $30.00 per Quart – $85.00 per Gallon

TK6™Nano Coat $59.00 per Quart – $160.00 per Gallon

StoneHardener™3Polish $45.00 per Quart – $90.00 per Gallon

SRI Treatment $50 per Qt. , $ 170.00 per gallon

SuperTop™XL  $35 per Qt. & $80.00 per gallon

Once decided upon which of the three cleansers to combine best I will send a PayPal Request for the total. Shipping Extra for Alaska & Hawaii

Please email me any questions you may have as I will consult with the company as to which application is best in your case.


Ordering is also  available by phone, as well as online thru this web site.  Email me at please include your phone number. I will return your email with my phone number.

Please give me your name and phone number so I can either call or email you back to get your credit card numbers. I am the only one who will contact you and get your numbers over a land line and thru a private / secure internet connection to complete the transaction. I use PayPal on my online ordering and it also is secure!