StoneClean™ “60” – 1 Quart


Ideal Cleanser for Polished Marble Floor Cleaning.


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This is the best DAILY CLEANSER! WHY?

In addition to the four basic listed benefits, StoneClean “60” contains an extremely small amount of an insoluble organic which sinks to the surface of the stone. This substantially alters the hydroscopic (water extracting) effect of cleaning on the surface & leaves a very, very slight, totally clear moisturizing layer. Thus cleaning is achieved without dehydration of the stone/tile!

It is this same chemistry, which also generally eliminates the need for rinse because the water evaporates from above the stone/tile instead of from inside the pores of the stone/tile.

This gentle yet effective cleaning action makes StoneClean “60” a must for floors with coatings/waxes. The dirt is lifted out of the finish so when buffed later the shine is not compromised by embedded dirt that has gotten “buffed” in to the floor.

StoneClean “60” used on a daily basis or weekly for home use will help maintain the clean look to the floor grout.  Since it is effective even in high dilution ratios, it is also very cost effective!


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