StoneClean™ “104” – 1 Gallon


Cost Effective Neutral pH Degreaser for stone, tile, concrete.

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The original inventor of the hard surface tool for tile and grout cleaning once told me that “If ones used StoneClean “104” they wouldn’t need my services or tool!”

The past president of the Tile Council of America Bob D. called me up after his night cleaning crew cleaned their new facility in Clemson University. He said the floor now looks clean of new construction residues! How about that? Since I or the company did not want to advertise with them he never said a word to anybody else. Sad how money can keep a great product from being promoted. 

The facilities manager for ExxonMobil called me up after using “104” on their granite walls and floors. He asked me “Does “104” contain polishing agents? The floor shine is rich and clean looking now.” I told him that now you are seeing the granite floors and walls without any detergent residues!

My opinion: This is the most powerful neutral based cleanser on the market today. It is worth the money!

Neutral pH aggressive degreaser and deep cleaning final rinse cleanser. HOW?

The patent pending new surfactant used bites aggressively into oil based contamination. Even at high dilutions such as 1 to 128 it can still clean effectively. (Heavy grease/oil use 1 to 40) Since it doesn’t use the typical degreaser d-Linonene, it won’t leave a residue that actually attracts oils!

StoneClean “104” is also a “salt-free” cleanser which is important when applying any type of coating or wax. It better prepares the surface to be treated by allowing the wax/sealer to have complete contact with the substrate!

It can also be used as a great daily cleanser where there is grease & oil. It will be the best industrial cleanser since it cleans heavy oils well & doesn’t contaminate the environment (“104” uses a surfactant that is extremely fast in environmental breakdown) It also will work great in restaurant settings as well!!

Use “104” in combination with “60” to remove any residual oils that “60” may not totally remove. A suggestion would be to use “60” everyday and then either once a week or every other week use “104” at 1 to 64 dilution to capture residual oils. A great combo!!

Use “104” at 1 to 64 following deep cleaning with “STRIP” to complete the deep cleaning process and remove any residual oils/dirts/residues!!  Other noted benefits are: softens paints so they can be removed easier from the floor, cleans metals extremely well (try it on stainless steel drinking fountains!), super effective soot remove for fire clean-up jobs! Since it is neutral pH give it a try on all your hard to clean areas!!

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