Solving the Problem of Cleaning Floor Grout

mop & bucketSolving the Problem of Cleaning Floor Grout
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As a janitorial firm or building manager, you’re aware of the concern over cleaning floor grout. Many an owner has complained about the dirty appearance of the floor grout even after repeated efforts to correct the problem. One owner even doubted the cleaning staff was even cleaning the floors at all! Often view the grout close to the wall compared to the center of the floor reveals the concern quite clearly. There is a way to help in this area of concern.

Why does grout get so dirty looking? There could be several reasons. Here are a few.

  • Using daily cleansers that can’t float the dirt/grime/grease up and out of the porous material such as grout
  • Using cleansers that contain detergents that resettle in lower grout joints and deposit more dirt with each cleaning
  • Periodic waxing and build- up of wax residues in the grout. Wax tends to trap and weld in the dirt. Complete wax removal is essential
  • The past use of a silicone based grout sealer which will in time break down and actually attract and weld in the dirt into the so-called protection. These types of grout sealers work fine for a time but many times they become the enemy of a clean appearance
  • Not using caustic cleaners that contain acids. Though these may seem to clean better they will over time and over use make the flooring – including the grout more porous
  • Not using the proper cleaning brushes to get into the grout joints themselves

The beginning of the solution lies in using a special cleanser that has unique “floating” abilities. Again the concern is not to have the dirt resettle into the porous grout. Using a deep cleaner to, not only break down dirt but also oils with start the cleaning process.

Next it is important for the cleanser not to allow the contamination to “resettle” back into the floor and grout! This property of floating and grabbing the contamination before it can resettle is key. The mop or scrubber can wisk it away.

Detergents will likely contain a combination of salts. These type of cleansers only tend to leave behind a residue that is often hard to remove even with repeated rinsing.

StoneClean™ & Strip is such a deep cleanser for floors and grouting! StoneClean™ “104” is also such a cleanser with powerful abilities to breakdown and float contamination up and out of the floor and grouting.

One building called me to ask if StoneClean™ “104” had polishing agents in the product. I said no. Why did he ask? The granite floor shine returned to what it was like new. I then told him “Now you are seeing the floor without any detergent/ soap residues.”

Hotel housekeeping staffs are presented the problem on a daily basis of keeping a tiled floor clean. One executive housekeeper mentioned she had problems keeping the grout clean in the bathrooms. One floor in particular they tried several times and used really aggressive scrubbing brushes. I looked at the floor, sprayed StoneClean™ & Strip , allowed it to soak for 5 minutes, scrubbed with a nylon bristle scrub brush, and wow did it look clean after I rinsed! They were shocked and surprised.

One building manager was impressed even with the least aggressive of the StoneClean line – StoneClean™ “60”. She said that each time they used the product the grout got progressively cleaner each time.

One cleaning contractor got a contact solely on the basis of the cleaning action of StoneClean™ “104”. The comment was “If you can get this floor looking cleaner than the other company in just one sample clean then you can do the rest for the entire building”.

Please give these specialty cleanser a good try in your business or company you work for. Use the cleansers that can both grab the dirt and then float it up and out a chance to impove the clean of your grout and entire flooing.

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