I am Stan Zimmer, owner of Marble Shine Services. Currently living in Salem Oregon. Originally from Sac City Iowa, we moved out to Oregon to care for my wife’s mother. Previously I had another web site wellensswaterandsalt.com where I had health related items etc. etc. and also the stone & tile cleaning products.

I used to do work on stone and tile myself, but since my wife was having complications from type 1 diabetes (62 years with it!) I gave up travelling to do the work out of town. Now wanting to spend even more time with her I have started this new site with the goal of just working from home!

I feel I have found the right company with the right products for both effectiveness and environmental soundness. Please read my Blogs and feel free to pass my site on to your contacts as well. Below is a small sample of what I have written on my site with more to come in the future.

Thanks for visiting!



THE StoneClean Concentrate Difference: No Residues

StoneClean Concentrates are crafted in an exacting way to avoid the common “pitfalls” of basic cleaning chemistry. They are able to accomplish a wide variety of cleaning tasks SAFELY without using caustic chemistry and without leaving cleaning RESIDUES.

StoneClean & Strip (pH of approx. 10) often removes coatings that high pH strippers can’t. Some strippers have a pH of 11 (1,000 times more alkaline) or higher.

The higher the alkalinity, the more care is needed to prevent damage to the surfaces! (Use of pH 11 or higher on polished marble is not recommended!)


Hard Water? No Problem!

Since the StoneClean concentrates do not rely on high concentrations of typical soaps, they are effective even in hard water! No high levels of potassium salts or sodium salts will react with minerals to create soap film! Often the comment on floors cleaned with StoneClean concentrates is: “It makes our floor look like new.”

With polished granite floors, the most often heard comment is “It makes our floor look shinier – does it have any polishing agents?”

The answer is “Now you are seeing what the floor looks like without any residues!” This is especially true in areas with hard water!

Non- Caustic & They Work!

A common complaint of products is that they don’t work as well as the more caustic common cleaners. Some Cleaners breakdown the grease and dirt effectively but fail to float and transfer to give total removal. Some can even allow the dirt to get driven deeper into the stone or grout.

Not so with StoneClean cleaners! The special blend of surfactants are proportioned to aggressively “grab” the contamination and then to float it up and out! Then, the contaminates stay in solution longer than most cleaners to allowing better TRANSFER into a MOP or AUTO-SCRUBBER!

No Chlorides, No Detergents to leave residues, No d-limonenes, and are pH safe.

Chemistry Summary: When it is RIGHT, you will know it!

If it’s safe and effective on a wide range of surfaces then the chemistry is right! Right chemistry does make a difference! These trade secret formulations can give your trade a “secret” weapon in the cleaning battle.

Use StoneClean Concentrates to win your clients approval and expand your business!



  • Grabbing the contamination & then FLOATING it up & out

  • Then TRANSFERRING the dissolved dirt/grime into the MOP!

  • RESIDUE FREE CLEANS since they contain no d-Limonene, no phosphates, or other soapy residues.

  • SAFE for a wide range of surfaces from polished marble to concrete. Also will not damage surrounding surfaces such as carpets & other fabrics.