AquaLiv Started as Bottle Boxed Water

AquaLiv was a brand of bottled water

After inventing the technology that creates AquaLiv Water, I launched the company as a brand of bottled water in 2007. Sales were strong in health-food stores on the West Coast (AquaLiv is addictive!), but something didn’t sit right with me.

Water is heavy and takes up space. I thought of all the fuel being burned and black smoke belching from exhaust pipes. “What am I doing?” I thought. I buy all the latest air purifier models like a junky buys crack cocaine and now I’m contributing to air pollution myself.

Of course, many AquaLiv fans had asked if a ‘home system’ would be available. I always responded, “No.” After all, it took a room full of equipment to make the stuff!

It was 2008 when I was contacted by the assistant of an AquaLiv Addict, as we used to call our fans. “My boss wants a home system. She doesn’t have time to keep buying it at the store and is tired of lugging it home.” I explained that we didn’t have a home system. “I was instructed to not take no for an answer.” 

“Geez, some people,” I thought. 

I described the numerous steps required to create AquaLiv Water, the large size of the equipment, and the need to flush the system between bottling runs. “Well, is it even possible?” she asked.

“I think so. It’s just going to take a lot of time to figure out how to do it,” I replied.

“How much would it cost?”

At this point, I was a tad bit annoyed but then had a brilliant idea. Blurt out a price nobody would pay for a home drinking water system and escape the conversation!

“$10,000. It would cost $10,000.”

“Done,” she said. “Where do we send the money?”

“Oh, SHIP!” I thought to myself…only I didn’t say ship.

The rest, as they say, is history. The first AquaLiv Water System was sold and for $10,000. The problem was the AquaLiv Water System didn’t yet exist! I took the money…the clock was ticking.

It took nearly six months of day and night work before the first AquaLiv Water System was born. It was comprised of four modules and consumed a ton of under-sink space. It was also ugly and a huge hassle to install and service.

A handful of those first AquaLiv Systems sold. Improvements in design and tooling soon brought the price down to $6,000. Further improvements and efficiencies reduced the price to $3,500. That’s when I found out how much people really wanted these home systems; we sold hundreds of them at $3,500. It was now 2010 and I had enough confidence in the AquaLiv Water System to discontinue production of bottled AquaLiv Water.

Fast forward to today. The AquaLiv Water System is now under $600. It has only two modules and takes up less space than many other water systems. It’s easy to install and requires no maintenance outside of filter changes. And best of all, the water it produces is better than any design that came before it!

No more trips to the store to lug inferior and expensive bottled waters. No more needless plastic waste. No more needless air pollution caused by the transport of bottled water.

With an annual filter cost of just $99, people, pets, and houseplants can enjoy AquaLiv Water in the convenience of their own homes for about $0.27 per day. Plus, AquaLiv makes delicious coffee, teas, pasta, ice cubes, and more.

AquaLiv Water is the best tasting and most healthful water available. When was the last time you had the best of anything for $0.27 per day?

No matter what water you are drinking today, we are so confident you will prefer AquaLiv Water that we offer a 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. After all, if you don’t experience AquaLiv, you’ll never know how good water can be.



Covid-19 Updates and Immune Health Notes

Covid-19 Update and Immune Health Notes

I wanted to give a quick update about ordering StoneClean Concentrates from my site. There may be a delay in shipping due to the home office working from Home! The good news is that Fed-X is shipping 7 days a week!

I feel compel to direct your attention to two simple supplements to help boost your immune system during this pandemic. Must talk about having enough PPE but what about PPM – Personal Protective Microbiome! Your immune system is pretty much regulated thru your “gut”. Health microbes defend against pathogenic microbes/ bacteria.

Things that put a burden on our immune system are; stress, poor diet of refined foods, sugar, alcohol, and a lack of sleep! Also past rounds of antibiotics in the past 10 years of so. I have always known this to be true. I tried to keep making my own Kefir (much more probiotics than regular yogurt!), making and eating fermented veggies, kombucha etc. etc.

My wife has had type one diabetes now for over 63 years! A few years ago she had an infection in one of her feet and toes. A strong round of antibiotics was given her at the time. Ever since then, despite my efforts, she has suffered poor bowel health and frequent skin rashes!

Recently I ordered a bottle of a special Probiotic call PRO-EM 1 from a company called Teraganix. Please watch the video about this special product and also of the Prebiotic called EMX-Gold. With in 3 days she noticed benefits in bowel health and just today 5/15/20 told me her blood sugars are also much more stable! I ordered more today!!

If you know families with children, please have them take a look at this. The recent development related to the Covid-19 pandemic with children is a scary one for parents. Please pass this site on to friends and family.
I signed up as an affiliate of this company. I hope you will as well. Either way the price is the same for the products. I hope you will check out these products and do your research like I did.

Thank You


StoneClean™️ & Strip Deep Cleaning Excellence

Deep Cleaning Projects

If your looking for an exceptional deep cleaning chemistry please consider StoneClean™️ & Strip from the Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp.!

Ideal for initial deep cleaning of stone, tile, grout, & concrete! WHY?

StoneClean & Strip contains a wide spectrum of surfactants that are geared for the widest range of contamination. How can it clean so well without harsh chemicals or without being acidic or high on the pH scale?

StoneClean & Strip uses a sophisticated formulation that is comprised of chemicals which create a four step cleaning process to “bite” the contamination and carry it off the surface

  • Two of the formulation chemicals, brought down to the surface of the stone/tile through the water solution by a “heavy” molecule ingredient, provides “bite” on oil based substances. (breaking surface tension with the heavy ingredient is key to letting the ingredients do their job) 
  • The blend of surfactants takes the oils plus a total spectrum of contamination & brings them into solution with the water. 
  • The surfactant-bound particles then tie in a packet or “micelle” with the ingredient added that then floats them away from the substrate. An additional chemical serves to keep the bound particles in solution so that they can be mopped away! 
  • The surfactants ,being nonionic ,carry no “ electrical charge”. Ordinary cleansers use surface active detergents to remove dirt.However since the electrical charge remains a good percentage of contamination resettles back to the surface of the floor.

The exacting way in which these ingredients are blended together allows them to do the work in this four – in –  one step cleaning action!!

Please give a quart or gallon to try for yourself. 

Please read this special report: Covid-19 Updates and Immune Health Notes

Meeting the Challenge of Maintaining Polished Marble High Traffic Floors

Please read this special report: Covid-19 Updates and Immune Health Notes

[1]Meeting the Challenge of Maintaining  Polished Marble / Limestone High Traffic Floors

Whether you are in charge of caring for a busy Hotel lobby or a Commercial property that experiences high foot traffic, you know that the care of polished marble and limestone flooring can be expensive and problematic at best! So how do you make the right choices of care for your flooring? Is cost of upkeep a major concern? Is the method of current care meeting the demand of wear and restoration of the shine to everyone’s satisfaction?

I personally don’t do any marble restoration work anymore. Caring for parents and family I had to take a back seat to hands on work. So take what I write and comment on and judge for yourself what might work the best in your case. This is not a definitive article on marble care as experts with years of hands on experience dwarf me with knowledge!

Natural Stone Restoration: To me this is the finest way to create a natural shine as it imitates what is done in the marble shops around the world to create the high gloss appearance of the stone. A series of progressively finer diamond grinding grits get the stone to a high “hone”. The final process is a buffing with a special polishing powder that will heighten and do a final closing of the “pores” of the stone surface, which will then allow the stone to reflect light as showing as a “polish”. This is a very simple explanation I know , but a true craftsman can tell the differences to be expected between different stones and where they come from as they all vary in hardness and make up!

Draw Backs to Natural Stone Care: Dealing with high traffic wear patterns can be a challenge. Also the stone surface should be “ sealed” with an impregnator to help in prevention of staining. ( sub-surface protection) Periodic diamond resurfacing will be an ongoing contract of care.

Conclusion of Natural Stone Care:  If the cost is ok and the care has been up to high standards then maybe if it is not broken don’t fix approach might be best. However closing your eyes to new products and methods may not be in your best interest if you would like to save cost of care!

Recrystallization of the Stone Surface: What is Vitrification?

Also referred to as crystallization or re-crystallization, this is a method used to achieve a high gloss finish. This procedure is usually used as the final polishing process or for regular maintenance in high traffic areas that require a constant shine such as a hotel reception lobby. It is thought by some people that this is a relatively new method of shining stone however it has in fact been used for around 40 years since its invention in Barcelona.

The method works by creating a chemical reaction on the surface of the stone with the use of steel wool and specially formulated chemical compounds. This is only achievable on stone containing calcium carbonate and so most limestone, marble and travertine can be vitrified where as granite cannot.

How does it work?

Most manufacturers of vitrification products will use three main ingredients:

An acid

Fluorosilicate compounds


Now it may sound strange to use acid in a product which is used on calcite stone because as we know, acid etches these types of stone. In this case however the acid is used to break down the bond between the calcium and the carbonate. This allows the fluorosilicate to bond with the calcium to produce calcium fluorosilicate. This process has chemically altered the surface of the stone producing a harder finish.


Super Shine: The main benefit to this system is that it produces an absolutely amazing shine which can be hard to replicate with polishing powders or diamond grinding alone. It must be remembered however that there is no point in vitrifying a surface which is not clean and scratch free.

Durability: Because the surface of the stone has been chemically altered to calcium fluorosilicate, it will have a higher durability and be less porous.

The Problems of Recrystallization Method:

It creates a problematic hard chemical shell on your marble trapping acids (used in the process) in the marble. It will make the marble shiny and it seems this is the “proof”. But the shell also keeps the marble from breathing properly, which could lead to your marble simply falling apart. 

So, understand once you crystallize you no longer have a “marble” surface. It becomes a “chemically manufactured” surface. Traditional, proven methods for marble cleaning, care and marble repair can no longer be used. You are stuck having to maintain the surface. 

You have your marble, limestone, or travertine floor crystallized. Then a couple three years later when this chemical crust (that isn’t as durable as marble) starts to look less than desirable, you have it recrystallized again only the first guy who did it is out of business or not available so you go with someone else who uses a different formula. 

Well… his formula may not work with the first formula and the crust will have to be removed (grinding it away just like standard re-polishing) before the new formula can be applied. 

Back in 1987 when I first starting learning about caring for marble and limestone, I was approached by a gentleman in Denver about this “new” method of marble refinishing. “ It is foolproof. Just spray this chemical on the floor and buff with steel wool pads and wow you have a beautiful shine. Anybody can do it!” Red flags went off in my head as it seems incredulous to think you could walk off the street and be an expert on marble care.

Proponents of the procedure and the sales literature make it seem like it’s the latest greatest thing, but the main reason they like it is because it requires very little experience or knowledge of marble. Choose carefully the company you choose if picking this method of marble care! Again it is your choice.

Traditional”Wax” Coatings:

There are many different brands of “marble sealers” and “ marble polishes” available on the market. Many companies have expertise on the application and maintenance of the shine using such products. Usually this type of care requires the occasional stripping of the sealer/wax and then re-coating of the finish. 

The reason why there is periodic stripping and re-coating is that the finish starts to abrade and dull or it has started to discolor from dirt getting trapped into the finish. Either way the appearance requires the stripping and re-coating procedures. 

Many companies are expert in their care.  Hotels and commercial locations often are satisfied with their level of care. 

The expense of care needs to be considered. The appearance of natural stone with a wax coating should be considered as well. I personally was in a 5 Star Hotel where the method of marble care was wax and re-coat to the point it looked like a thick coating was on the stone! It was shiny but looked artificial! It hid the true appearance of the stone.

 Complementary Products and Methods to Consider as well:

Cleaning chemistry does matter when caring for natural stone floors. It is simple to say that it has to be neutral pH so it won’t etch the polished surface. Typical stone cleansers tend to dehydrate the surface of the stone due to detergent ingredients and stone “soaps” simply just move the dirt around without lifting off the surface properly. The Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp. StoneClean™️ “60” is simply the best on the market for daily , weekly cleanings.

Any method of care be it 

natural care, recrystallization, coatings StoneClean™️”60” will lengthen the life of the shine! In fact, those that do diamond grinding prefer using StoneClean™️”60” for their slurry water. Then a final rinse totally removes the grinding process for the final polishing! Either way StoneClean™️ “60” should be used for all stone floors, in my opinion.

Better Polish Protection with StoneHardener™️ 3 Polish

Longest-lasting shine and best possible protection for marble, limestone & other natural stones

Give this new product a try to see if it isn’t simply the best protection available for polished stone. SH-3 is a break-through technology because RJSC scientists were able to incorporate and uniquely combine several of the very newest chemical components available for renewable finishes.

It delivers all the visual benefits of traditional “pink”and other sprays but it adds superior protection that polishing with conventional products simply cannot achieve.

With StoneHardener-3 the surface is harder, more abrasion-resistant and more durable. The stone is protected from a wide range of contaminants such as oil, acetone, coffee and other beverage spills.

The shine is high gloss with just a mop-on or roll-on. With a light buff, it becomes a true mirror finish. With no yellowing or stone discoloration it can make easy touch-up of traffic patterns; no “stripping” required! It will never look like it needs a strip and re-coat job to look great. Dirt cannot get trapped into the finish.

This new product was released after I stopped doing work on stone myself. I was impressed by its predecessor StoneHardener 2 Polish! I did a sample spray buff on a busy marble floor in Des Moines , Iowa. I was told that months later the area I did still looked like new! That being said, I am not the expert with this new product. For further information about application and usage please contact RJSC directly at their web site or 914-478-7500.

Basically I would suggest using StoneHardener™️ 3 Polish as an “additional shine enhancement” to your floors after they have been polished professionally to a natural shine or even a recrystallization shine. The finish is a breathable and durable longer lasting shine.

If you would like to avoid diamond grinding and would like another option of shine in a renewable finish please consider SuperTop™️ XL All-Surface Finish.   

Any type of care for stone and tile will only be enhance but the use of the StoneClean™️ Concentrates! StoneClean™️ 60 is simply the best cleanser for polished stone flooring no matter what you decision is regarding maintenance of the shine!

Remodeling of a Hotel other Options of Stone Care

When a commercial building is scheduled for remodel or a hotel property is slated for a major renovation  please consider the new long lasting protection of specialty sealers;

StoneLok™️ “MLT Plus”: A High Performance Water-Based Sealer for Concrete, Engineered Cement & Dimensional Stone 

Appropriate substrates include flamed/ honed granites, quarry tile, slate and quartzite; ceramic tile, Sandstone, and flagstone; concrete and cement. For opened (diamond grind to a high hone) terrazzo, limestone, marble, calcium carbonate aggregates.

The durability is unmatched in the industry of sealers/coatings. The level of stain resistance is unmatched as well. Application of sacrificial top sealers can and will add to the life of the flooring appearance. 

The application and preparation is only carried out by trained skilled craftsmen who have experience applying the StoneLok™️ family of specialty sealers. Please ask for help! and direction for any future plans of renovations and type of flooring desired to be protected.

I hope this article has helped sort out your options better.


Stan Zimmer

Marble Shine Services

StoneClean 60 Your Floors Best Friend

StoneClean “60” Your Floors Best Friend


It has the unique ability to achieve excellent cleaning results WITHOUT dehydration of the stone . This combination of performance characteristics differentiates it from mild “stone soaps” which may not dehydrate but are often not effective cleaners and “stone cleaners” which are effective but often dehydrate the stone surface.

You will notice how effective it cleans by using only 2 oz. per gallon of water. (maybe even try after you have cleaned the floor as a test) It is exceptional in how it can not only FLOAT the contamination to the surface but also in its ability to TRANSFER it to the MOP!

It is non-acidic cleanser which contains a number of surfactants, amines and other ingredients scaled to “grab” the contamination and float it out. Also there is another ingredient which sinks to the surface of the stone. This substantially alters the water extracting effect of the cleaning agents on the stone itself and leaves a very, very slight, totally clear, moisturizing layer.

The above description is what generally eliminates the need for a rinse because the water evaporates from above the stone instead of from inside the pores of the stone! Also since there are no detergent residues in the make-up it also reduces the need for a rinse.

It is also “coatings” friendly so will work wonders in keeping a waxed surface clean! Residues from detergents or from dirt  & oils not totally captured by daily cleaning can more quickly soil the surface treatment to the stone!! This is especially true when you go to buffing the stone or coating after ineffective cleaning!

Use StoneCleanTM “60”

  1. during the restoration process to better clean between diamond grits to prolong the life of the diamonds and to better remove residues between grits
  2. do a final rinse before applying any surface treatments such as re-crystallization, waxes or sealers
  3. to maintain daily a surface maintained by natural methods
  4. to maintain daily a surface treated with a wax or sealer

Not all cleansers are created equal! Please give StoneCleanTM “60” a try! See how a little goes a long way! See how well it cleans and leaves no residues. It is by far my best seller!!

See how the cleaning chemistry conditions the stone to keep cleaner longer.

Stan Zimmer

Marble Shine Services 

AquaLiv Water

Pure Himalayan Shilajit

Superior Granite Countertop cleaning with StoneClean Plus!

Superior Granite Countertop Cleaning with StoneClean Plus Hard Surface Cleaner

I have written before about why I feel StoneClean Plus is the best polished granite countertop cleanser on the market. I have boasted in how effective it cleans at high dilution rates. One quart will likely last more than a year as it is diluted for spray bottle usage.

How nice and grateful I am to have received this email comment about the product!

“I have used the StoneCleanPlus for 10 years on my granite countertops. Was informed it would maintain my warranty with Home Depot.
I love it as it makes my countertops look amazing.” Lynne B. – Canton , Ohio

I told her I was not aware of a cleaner making and maintaining a warranty valid for granite. Super hot items can damage granite surfaces. Spilling and leaving dark oils can also do some visual damage.
How nice this client feels about using StoneClean Plus!

Give a quart a try today! You will be glad you did.


StoneClean 104 Let it Float!

Please read this special report: Covid-19 Updates and Immune Health Notes

StoneClean 104 is an exceptional cleanser. Not only the ability to break down even grease as a neutral pH cleanser, but also its ability to float to the surface what it breaks down!

The unique, proprietary surfactants, never die on the floor. This statement is unique to the cleaning industry. Always the active cleanser! 100% floor contact breaking down surface tension of the water itself to the floor and dirt/ grime makes this cleanser superior.

Years ago I gave a quart of “104” to the Tile Council of America president Bob Daniels. One day he called me up and first words were swear words. Whoa, I thought, what was up? 

He had given the quart to the night janitorial staff to use on their new office flooring at Clemson university. They had a hard time cleaning off grout residue from the newly installed flooring. ” The floor looked like it should, brand new like the showroom tiles”  They had tried several differnt cleaning products but to no avail till now.

That was the end of the story though. They wanted me to advertise in their magazine. I had no budget for advertising. A great product but no referrals from one who would have brought me tons of sales.

I am still representing the StoneClean line of cleansers and still do not advertise at all.


StoneClean & Strip Notes

StoneClean & Strip can be used ,as the name implies , as a remover of coatings. The pH is between 10 & 11 which means it is alkaline in solution.

Alkaline ,but not too high pH to harm polished marble flooring! Sometimes a more aggressive approach to cleaning has to be made.

Suggestions for Usage:

  1. Start with a higher dilution to see what results you are getting. This means to try 1/10 dilution first. One part StoneClean & Strip to 10 parts cool to lukewarm water ( never hot).
  2. Adjust dilution to as high as 50/50 or 1/1
  3. Allow sufficient dwell time for floor to remain soaked. This will allow time for the special surfactants to break down the dirt, grime, coating. Allow at least 5 minutes to 15 minutes dwell time before scrubbing
  4. Care needs to be taken not to allow cleanser to dry into the floor. Work in manageable size areas to keep edges wet and not dry out.
  5. Scrub well and rinse well. You may find that you will see the water still dirty after tow or three rinses as it will continue to float up deeply embedded dirt!
  6. coatings not totally removed : allow the floor to dry completely before a second application. Check to see what the name of the coating or wax is called and find out if they made a stripper specific to the coating. I have run across coatings that cannot be totally removed! This makes it especially hard to get the grout joints clean as well

No two jobs deep cleaning will get same exact results so be aware of the challenges.

Good cleaning to you all


StoneClean Concentrates Float

All StoneClean Concentrates are exceptional and grabbing the dirt and grime and then floating it to the top to be mopped away. 

My first time using StoneClean 104 was deep cleaning a Saltillo tile floor that had not seen a mop and bucket for years. I was shocked to see how where I mopped the floor came clean where I rinsed. 

The homeowner was shocked as well and then ordered six gallons. They probably still have product left! 

One homeowner in Kansas City commented that her grout was coming cleaner with each cleaning without scrubbing. The surfactant based cleaning chemistry puts the cleaning solution into full contact with the floor allowing it to work deeply better than any other product I am aware of today.

I will comment on StoneClean & Strip tomorrow.