Superior Granite Countertop cleaning with StoneClean Plus!

Superior Granite Countertop Cleaning with StoneClean Plus Hard Surface Cleaner

I have written before about why I feel StoneClean Plus is the best polished granite countertop cleanser on the market. I have boasted in how effective it cleans at high dilution rates. One quart will likely last more than a year as it is diluted for spray bottle usage.

How nice and grateful I am to have received this email comment about the product!

“I have used the StoneCleanPlus for 10 years on my granite countertops. Was informed it would maintain my warranty with Home Depot.
I love it as it makes my countertops look amazing.” Lynne B. – Canton , Ohio

I told her I was not aware of a cleaner making and maintaining a warranty valid for granite. Super hot items can damage granite surfaces. Spilling and leaving dark oils can also do some visual damage.
How nice this client feels about using StoneClean Plus!

Give a quart a try today! You will be glad you did.


StoneClean 104 Let it Float!

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StoneClean 104 is an exceptional cleanser. Not only the ability to break down even grease as a neutral pH cleanser, but also its ability to float to the surface what it breaks down!

The unique, proprietary surfactants, never die on the floor. This statement is unique to the cleaning industry. Always the active cleanser! 100% floor contact breaking down surface tension of the water itself to the floor and dirt/ grime makes this cleanser superior.

Years ago I gave a quart of “104” to the Tile Council of America president Bob Daniels. One day he called me up and first words were swear words. Whoa, I thought, what was up? 

He had given the quart to the night janitorial staff to use on their new office flooring at Clemson university. They had a hard time cleaning off grout residue from the newly installed flooring. ” The floor looked like it should, brand new like the showroom tiles”  They had tried several differnt cleaning products but to no avail till now.

That was the end of the story though. They wanted me to advertise in their magazine. I had no budget for advertising. A great product but no referrals from one who would have brought me tons of sales.

I am still representing the StoneClean line of cleansers and still do not advertise at all.


Tile & Marble Grout Cleaning

When my wife and would drive and stay in Hotels I would alsways bring a spray bottle of StoneClean & Strip. Most of the bathroom floors were not very clean! A quick spray and allow time to soak, then a good scrubbing would bring up and a lot of dirt, grime, and fungi.

Once while staying in Omaha , NE , I cleaned a bathroom floor in the room we were staying at. The visual effect was amazing. I found the Excutive housekeeper and mentioned I would be happy to do a sample clean. She called a housekeeper and had me go to a bathroom they have been working on to clean the floor. She said, ” we have worked hard on this floor, can you do anything?” I told her it should not be a problem.

Within 15 minutes the floor and grouting were much, much cleaner than before! She ,and all the maids and maintenance  staff came to see. They also were shocked at how fast I cleaned the floor.

They ordered two cases of StoneClean & Strip!

Not every floor cleaning project will have the same desired results. Not all come as clean the first time. The assurance is that it likely will be much better than any previous efforts!

Give StoneClean & Strip a try.

Stan Zimmer

StoneClean & Strip Deep Cleaning

StoneClean & Strip is a super effective deep cleaning agent for most all floor types. Safe for polished marble grout cleaning. 

One client of mine used StoneClean & Strip to clean a concrete floor in a shop. They throughly wetted the floor and while they were waiting and getting ready to scrub the floor they noticed something: oils from the floor were floating to the top of the water! StoneClean & Strip had started the cleaning action before they had a chance to scrub the floor!

Other stories to come as well about this amazing cleanser.

StoneClean 60 Outstanding Wood Floor Cleanser!

Most ,who use StoneClean 60 , are unaware of how effective it is to clean wood floors. Since there are no detergents to leave any residues it make the floor look and feel cleaner longer than most products.

I had one client in DesMoines Iowa who loved it since it made their clubhouse floor less slippery when wet. Slip fall issues are lessened when a cleanser leaves no residue behind. 

Since StoneClean 60 is near neutral pH it will do no harm to floor finishes. Give it a try you will like what you see and feel.

StoneClean 104 Simply the Best Cleanser on the Market!

You get what you pay for is a common saying. It also applies to how a product is crafted and its make-up. StoneClean 104 is crafted in a way to be a continually active cleaning agent! This mean that it is effective even in high dilutions. 

One ounce per gallon can produce an effective cleaning solution. Two ounce per gallon even more effective. One client in Salt Lake City complained about the cost of 104, yet it won him a few contracts by proving to the owner it works better than previous ones.

Super effective at not only breaking down the dirt and grime, but also in lifting it to the surface to be mopped away completely.

Give StoneClean 104 a try and you will see value for your money by getting results. One client asked me it 104 had polishing agents in the make up of the chemistry. He said his granite walls and floors shine like never before. I told him that now he was viewing the floors and walls with no detergent residues clouding the natural shine,

Best Marble Cleaner

StoneClean “60” is a superior cleanser for polished marble and limestone flooring. 

I have been using and selling this specialty cleanser for the past 20 years. In my business of cleaning stone and tile I have never found a better one for daily/ weekly cleanings.

No detergents to cloud the surface. No residues left behind to re-attract dirt and grime. Floors stay cleaner longer. Grouting gets progressively cleaner.

Once on a business trip to the Twin Cities I was asked to look at a floor lobby in a large downtown St. Paul building. They were concerned about visual swirls in the floor finish.  I told them, ” Let me clean the floor with StoneClean “60”.” They relied that they had already cleaned the floor. I mentioned that while I was there I would like to clean a small section of the lobby with a mop and bucket. They said ok go ahead. The water was black by the time I got done cleaning a small section!!

I told the night crew and the building manager that for years they have been buffing dirt and daily grime into the floor! They were shocked to see the water in the bucket. Did they buy several cases? No , it was too expensive they told me.

Sad but true story

Please give it a try today

Stan Zimmer

The StoneClean Blog

My experience with the StoneClean Concentrates started several years ago in Iowa. I had started a marble cleaning business in Avon Colorado in 1985.  After moving back to my home town in Sac City, Iowa I continued my work. 

I got a job at one of the local banks in town to freshen up their marble lobby. Before that job I was sent a sample of a special StoneHardener to try. It was called then StoneHardener 2 Polish. Wow did it pop up the Shine on this hard green limestone floor!  The cleanser I provided was from Germany.  A special ” stone soap” that was suppose to be great. It was not! Bank presidents wife told me it was like just moving dirt around and did not clean well! 

I decided to call the company who had sent me the sample and they proceeded to send my a sample of StoneClean “60” and the rest is history as the saying goes. It far out performed any I had ever used and continues to out perform all the rest on the market today! 

I hope to share some of my successes and observation in using the 4 special cleaners that make up the StoneClean Concentrates. Line of Cleansers from the Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp.


Stan Zimmer

Marble Shine Services

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