StoneClean Concentrates :Contractor Pricing Now Available

StoneClean Concentrates :Contractor Pricing Now Available


In an effort to supply the very best in cleaning chemistry to more cleaning contractors and homeowners who want to stock up on supplies you can now purchase multiple gallons at a discount.

How to shop now?

Click on Shop, Click on the Picture of the product, Click on the Cart Picture that says Select Options,

Click on Size Drop Down Option, choose up to the 6 gallon option, the price will then come up, then add to cart, and then check out!

Example with StoneClean “60” : the one gallon price is $60.00, the two gallon price is $110.00, three gallon price is now $165.00 up to 6 gallon price of $300.00 If you want multiple cases of 6 or 4 gallons then click how many that size you then want!

I hope this will help!

Thanks for your interest in using these fine products and hope this will help your bottomline.