Stone and Tile’s Best Friend StoneClean Concentrates!

 Stone & Tile Cleaning Best Friend – StoneClean Concentrates!

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Marble Institute of America stresses using cleansers that are pH compatible for carbonate stones of marble, limestone, and travertine. Yet pH has nothing to do with ability to clean and does not mean it is still safe for those type of stone.  Cleaning safely does not mean it is best at preserving the integrity of the stone! I once used a daily stone soap from Germany that had no cleaning ability what so ever!

The same is true for ceramic and porcelain tiles. Unlike carbonate stones these tiles can withstand a wide range of cleaning pH’s even into acidic ranges. Therefore the range of cleaning product seems endless.

To have a set of cleansers from the same company that can not only safely clean both types of flooring but also deep clean effectively seems doubtful at best. Not so with stone Clean Concentrates from the Richard James Specialty Chemicals Company.
This little known company has what I strongly feel are the best all around cleaning chemistry on the market today. Add to this is that they are environmentally safe and sound with no environmental breakdown residues.

Consider two real life, real comments that have been told me about these cleansers.

StoneClean Concentrates

1. Tile Council of America past president Bob Daniels once told me one important statement. Their new offices were being built at Clemson University in South Carolina. They had a problem- the new tile flooring had a residue on it that made the tiles look hazy and not clean looking. I sent him a quart of StoneClean 104. A week later he called me in my home town of Sac City, Iowa. The first words that I heard were not clean words to be repeated! I thought  what went wrong? Nothing. ” I gave the night cleaning crew your cleanser and this morning I could not believe my eyes how clean the floors not look, no residues!” Wow I thought now my sales will skyrocket the president of the Tile Council of America gave me a huge endorsement! But to my naive business sense he never told anyone who would later call me. He was looking for advertising dollars from me that I did not have. My free sample had cleaned where other products had failed! Yet, gave me nothing in return. I felt defeated.

2. The original inventor of the first hard surface truck mount tile cleaning system used StoneClean products on a large bank building in Phoenix , Az. He had been using his tool to do sample cleaning to show off his new invention. He told me that he could not promote my products. Why? His comment rocked me – “If ones used your cleaners they would not need my machine” The StoneClean Conc. product had floated the dirty out of the tile and grouting by just using a light scrub and mop and bucket. It was StoneClean “104”!

These two examples show what obstacles even great product can have being marketed. Sad to say my lack of marketing skills has not helped either nor the lack of advertising from the company itself.

Please give these products a try. I have had loyal customers now for over 20 years now. Let me add your name to my satisfied list of users.

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