Granite Cleaning at Its Best!

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Granite Cleaning at Its Best!

Find out What it is Like to Have Residue Free Cleanings!

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GRANITE –  A Great Choice for Countertops &  FloorsGranite counters are becoming increasingly popular. The increasing supply and the new technologies of fabrication have made this durable material more cost effective!Many finer homes and hotels have adopted this elegant and durable material.The Advantages of Granite Countertops & Floors are Many!

  • very stain resistant
  • very etch resistant to acids (except hydrofluoric acid-rust removers)
  • good at resisting bacterial growth
  • very scratch resistant – very hard surface
  • also good at accepting hot items

The concerns with granite counters & floors are more evident in the lighter colored granites with showing discoloration due to oils and other contaminates. Also being very hard any glass that would fall on the surface is history, extremely hot items and fire will cause a “popping out” of the surface to cause a rough spot.

Repairing scratches and lippage due to improper setting of the countertop will require professional help. If the seams are not level and need grinding to repair ASK for references before letting the contractor do the repair- blending in the polish to match the existing polish is VERY difficult.

To Seal or Not to Seal?  That is the Question.

Actually the question should be to use an impregnator or not use one. Impregnators are sub-surface protection from staining; whereas sealers are above surface protectors.

Closing the pores of the granite with an impregnator that will resist both water borne & oil borne contaminates is important.  (Richard James Specialty Chemicals product) provides excellent stain resistance. A key point is that it does NOT contain silicone. Silicone based solvent impregnators can potentially cause a darkening of the surface. SRI TreatmentTM will aid in the prevention of contamination getting below the surface. It is NOT a solvent based sealer so will not have harmful ingredients or smell up the room where applied!

The V.O.C. is extremely LOW! 16 g. per liter V.O.C!! I have used this in an enclosed shower with no smell or breathing concerns.


Polished granite counters properly cleaned SHOULD NOT need any polish enhancement. Counters that have been abused and have lost some of the luster though could consider some gloss enhancement.


NOTE: Oil darkening/staining may require the use of a poultice (clay powders to draw up and out the oils/stain). However before resorting to that try StoneClean & Strip (1 to 3 dilution) and make a dam out of cloths to soak the stain for approx 5 minutes (keeping the areas wet and not let dry out) scrub and rinse well. It may require a second application on another day and not the same day- rinse well and let dry out naturally before trying again. If not taken care of please ask for POULTICE details.


Use of cleansers that don’t leave residues and pick up the oils is frontline in the care of polished granite counters. Also important is the use of an impregnator that will not darken the stone or yellow or eventually weld in grease and dirt into the stone. Properly cared for granite is a good choice of material and will bring years of good service! You will find no better cleanser for Polished granite countertops than StoneCleanTM “PLUS” Concentrate Hard surface Cleaner

Granite Countertop Mold Concerns

Thousands have chosen polished granite countertops to add richness and elegance to their homes.

Recent concerns of Radon and Mold have dampened the decision to have granite in their homes. Please read on in how best to deal with these concerns and also to put them in their proper perspectives.

Many have expressed concern in finding mold growing on their granite countertops.

 Many feel that polished granite countertops and floors are impervious to staining, so why should they be prone to mold growth? Polished granite still has micro pores where mold spores can land and multiple when there is enough “food” to grow. Many feel that you do not need to use a subsurface sealer ( called an Impregnator) on polished granite countertops. This is not true! A horizontal surface is more likely to harbor impurities than a vertical surface.

SRI Treatmentis the best at  filling those small “holes” and keeping a clean surface.

Advantages of SRI Treatment™ (Stain Resisting Impregnator):

  • Low V. O. C. 16 g/L makes this probably the lowest and safest on the market
  • Little or NO smell with no off gassing concerns (can use in tight places)
  • Easy application- simply wipe on, let soak in  for 5 to 10 minutes and then buff off excess with a clean cotton towel/ cloth
  • Does not contain silicone or silane which can and does breakdown and actually trap dirt and mold and mildew Do you have mold that is hard to remove on your top? Did you have the installer apply a sealer? Likely it was one that contained silicone or silane! Can you get mildew out of bathroom caulking? I rest my case!
  • Resists both water borne and oil borne staining
  • Cost effective to reapply often if a high use countertop

Cleaning granite counters & floors can also be accomplished by using StoneClean Hard Surface Cleaner

Cleaning and Ongoing Maintenance highly diluted. Only  2 ounces to a gallon & then put in a  spray bottle. It also contains a special biocide called Vantocil IB Data that has proven to be a safe product to use in the food care industry! It also helps make the surfaces resistant to microbial growths. (also great on polished granite flooring and showers as well) One Quart will last a very long time at this dilution ratio!! Simply spray until the counter is wet & then scrub lightly and rinse well. It is always best with highly polished surfaces to wipe with a cloth until completely dry. It is excellent in removing oils and grease! Think like you are taking a shower- first you lather up, then rinse, then dry yourself. Not rinsing can leave some residues behind even when drying the surface.

If this doesn’t remove the discoloration than the best deep cleanser for stone and tile is one called StoneClean & Strip™  mixed strong like 50/50 with lukewarm to cool water.. Spray and let dwell on the countertop without letting it dry for 15 minutes. Constantly scrubbing and keeping wet. Give a good hard scrub with a nylon bristle brush and rinse, rinse , rinse well.  Follow with a “Plus” rinse. If a previous sealer was used it may take a couple of cycles of cleaning to remove completely. Allow a few days before trying again. Drying out the countertop can help make the previous sealer more brittle and easier to remove during 2nd cleaning.

A word about recent news on the possible dangers of granite countertops.

This is not to downplay possible concerns if your house is full of granite.

Before considering removing your granite countertops please consider other parts of you house that deserve more of your attention to safety and health!

Your bedroom– do you sleep on organic cotton and natural rubber mattresses or do you sleep on the most heavily chemically treated crop in the world- cotton, and sleep on polyurethane foam, which is made from a petrochemical base combined with a slurry of nasty chemicals that have proven to cause cancer? I don’t sell these kind of products and I don’t even sell granite or stone countertops, just the best care products for them- please get this book- Toxic Bedrooms

Also to consider is to have impregnators that are used to “seal/ Protect” the countertop to have no chemical off gassing. ((please read about SRI Treatment on this article) When it comes to off gassing concerns also read the book Homes That Heal and those that don’t

I hope you consider the fine cleaning products that I represent and feel free to contact me. Many homes in Iowa where I live have radon coming from their foundations.

 If you are concerned please check my information about diffusing essential oils/ mold concerns to render the gas less harmful by creating natural ozone and added oxygen to the environment! Plus they smell great! Put a diffuser on your countertop and have the healthiest kitchen around! 

PS Make your own decisions and not what the media presents only! You may have something under your granite countertop that could slowly be eating away at your good health far more than radon concerns- your water filter!


 Granite Cleaning at Its Best!

Find out What it is Like to Have Residue Free Cleanings!



Hydrofluoric acid WILL etch polished granites! Avoid rust removers around polished granite countertops!!


Some granites (blacks especially have been treated with dyes at the stone quarry or stone shop to enhance their coloration) Most do not but a few have been dyed. When treated in this manner you may begin to notice ring marks or a “graying” of the finish. This may also become evident when using certain cleansers that remove oils (like StoneClean & Strip & “104”). The cleansers did not damage the marble; they only revealed that the stone had been “doctored with.” (please ask about possible correction of the problem)


Solving the Problem of Cleaning Floor Grout

mop & bucketSolving the Problem of Cleaning Floor Grout
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As a janitorial firm, executive housekeeper, or building manager, you’re aware of the concern over cleaning floor grout. Many an owner has complained about the dirty appearance of the floor grout even after repeated efforts to correct the problem. One owner even doubted the cleaning staff was even cleaning the floors at all! Often view the grout close to the wall compared to the center of the floor reveals the concern quite clearly. There is a way to help in this area of concern.

Why does grout get so dirty looking? There could be several reasons. Here are a few.

  • Using daily cleansers that can’t float the dirt/grime/grease up and out of the porous material such as grout
  • Using cleansers that contain detergents that resettle in lower grout joints and deposit more dirt with each cleaning
  • Periodic waxing and build- up of wax residues in the grout. Wax tends to trap and weld in the dirt. Complete wax removal is essential
  • The past use of a silicone based grout sealer which will in time break down and actually attract and weld in the dirt into the so-called protection. These types of grout sealers work fine for a time but many times they become the enemy of a clean appearance
  • Not using caustic cleaners that contain acids. Though these may seem to clean better they will over time and over use make the flooring – including the grout more porous
  • Not using the proper cleaning brushes to get into the grout joints themselves

The beginning of the solution lies in using a special cleanser that has unique “floating” abilities. Again the concern is not to have the dirt resettle into the porous grout. Using a deep cleaner to, not only break down dirt but also oils with start the cleaning process.

Next it is important for the cleanser not to allow the contamination to “resettle” back into the floor and grout! This property of floating and grabbing the contamination before it can resettle is key. The mop or scrubber can wisk it away.

Detergents will likely contain a combination of salts. These type of cleansers only tend to leave behind a residue that is often hard to remove even with repeated rinsing.

StoneClean™ & Strip is such a deep cleanser for floors and grouting! StoneClean™ “104” is also such a cleanser with powerful abilities to breakdown and float contamination up and out of the floor and grouting.

One building manager called me to ask if StoneClean™ “104” had polishing agents in the product. I said no. Why did he ask? The granite floor shine returned to what it was like new. I then told him “Now you are seeing the floor without any detergent/ soap residues.”

Hotel housekeeping staffs are presented the problem on a daily basis of keeping a tiled floor clean. One executive housekeeper mentioned she had problems keeping the grout clean in the bathrooms. One floor in particular they tried several times and used really aggressive scrubbing brushes. I looked at the floor, sprayed StoneClean™ & Strip , allowed it to soak for 5 minutes, scrubbed with a nylon bristle scrub brush, and wow did it look clean after I rinsed! They were shocked and surprised.

One building manager was impressed even with the least aggressive of the StoneClean line – StoneClean™ “60”. She said that each time they used the product the grout got progressively cleaner each time.

One cleaning contractor got a contact solely on the basis of the cleaning action of StoneClean™ “104”. The comment was “If you can get this floor looking cleaner than the other company in just one sample clean then you can do the rest for the entire building”.

Please give these specialty cleanser a good try in your business or company you work for. Use the cleansers that can both grab the dirt and then float it up and out a chance to impove the clean of your grout and entire flooing.

Ordering is also  available by phone, as well as online thru this web siteor email me at 

Please give me your name and phone number so I can either call or email you back to get your credit card numbers. I am the only one who will contact you and get your numbers over a land line and thru a private / secure internet connection to complete the transaction. I use PayPal on my online ordering and it also is secure! 

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