Granite Countertop Cleaning

StoneClean Plus Best Polished Granit Cleanser!

granite countergranite countertop


Granite is a great choice for kitchen and other countertops.  They have become increasingly popular and not just in the finer homes.

The advantages of granite counters :

Very stain resistant

Very etch resistant to acids (except hydrofluoric acid “rust removers”)

Good at resisting bacterial growth

Very scratch resistant

Good at accepting hot items


Lighter colored ones can show discoloration over time due to oils and dyes in foods

Being very hard- if a glass falls it is history!

Extremely hot items and fire can cause a “popping out” of the surface and cause a rough spot

To Seal or Not to Seal?

Actually the question should be to use an “impregnator” or not use one. Impregnators are sub-surface protection from staining: whereas sealers are above “topical” surface protection.

Closing the pores of granite witih an impregnator that will esist both water and oil contamination is important. SRI Treatment from Richard James Specialty Chemicals is a superior product that contains NO SILICONE. Silicone based products can and often does darken the surface. Silicone can often move later and “pool” in spots to show later as darkening spots on the surface. They are next to impossible to remove.

SRI Treatment is extremely low in V.O.C.! (16g. per liter) I have used this on a small enclosed shower with no breathing issues. Very little odor! Simply wipe on and wait to let absorb and then wipe off quickly with a clean cotton cloth. You are done! Important is that unlike other products you will not have “off gassing” concerns.

Cleaning is simple as well with StoneClean Plus  highly diluted (2oz. per gallon). This cost effective cleanser also contain an anti-microbial that is safe for food prep areas. It will break down oils well and prevent any concerns for mold later on the life of the countertop. Hotels and other fine establishments should have StoneClean Plus!

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