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I call my business Marble Shine Services. Back in the mid 1980’s I became interested in the care of dimensional stones like Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine and the like. At the time we lived in Avon Colorado near Vail & Beaver Creek. I became interested in the cleaning of the stones because it did not seem like anybody knew how to care for the stone floors properly.

Long story short, I became aware of the products from the Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp.  namely their StoneClean™ line of cleansers for stone and tile. Over the years I have sold hundreds of gallons of these specialty cleansers and some have been clients of mine for a few decades! I hope you take a look at what these specialty products from this company can do for you and your cleaning concerns.

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The term environmentally friendly is a widely used and poorly defined cliché’. RJSC cleansers have all three elements to qualify as “environmentally friendly”…..

First is the absence of toxic compounds in RJSC products.  Surprisingly many cleansers make you believe they are eco-safe by using the grapefruit extracted concentrate delimonene [orange or lemon smell] that is actually quite toxic.

Secondly, RJSC cleansers have short bio degradation times AND [very important] none of the degradation products are themselves toxic. RJSC 104, for instance, may have the shortest degradation time of any heavy duty degreaser.

Third, and importantly, is the “free rinse-ability” of RJSC products.  If a product   leaves a scum on the floor it will also leave a scum on the environment it contacts.  Many cleaners require multiple rinses whereas RJSC cleansers float free with the first rinse. Soy derived cleansers leave behind residues that by definition provide food for fungal growth.